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Liugong released vertical lift loader to create a precedent for the industry

Date:2016-11-23 17:42

英魂之刃为什么闪退   November 14, 2016, Liuzhou, China - At today's 13th Annual Global Dealers Conference, Liugong announced a revolutionary new product, the vertical lift loader. This product will be used by the new technology as well as China's construction machinery industry Liugong in the history of the development of an important milestone. The main innovation is the articulated frame vertical lifting boom, the other point is the vertical lift loader on the mechanical automatic flat-flip bucket linkage. These two new technologies are creating a precedent within the industry.

  Vertical lift This technology is developed to enhance customer value. Compared to conventional wheel loaders with the same power and load, the vertical lift loader provides greater tipping loads and higher lift heights. Compared to a conventional radial loader, the vertical lift loader can deliver more material per horsepower due to reduced operating weight, resulting in lower fuel consumption. This enables customers to generate greater revenue per hour with lower investment, lower total cost of ownership and lower operating costs than traditional technologies. Vertical lift loader continues the basic characteristics of the family of Liugong loaders, reliability and durability also meet customer expectations.

  "This new technology will create a new generation of construction machinery and equipment.We 'new' Liugong vertical lift loader will be the first generation of articulated loader.We can be proud to say that we are the first "Said Edward Wagner, director of Liugong's new technology & testing facility, who is also the inventor and chief engineer of the technology.

  "The technology is widely used, and it is particularly well suited for warehousing and material handling, thanks to its excellent efficiency and performance," Edwards added.

  Vertical lift loader The idea of ??this technology first proposed in 2010, in 2011 to further develop and gradually implement. After four years of development, Liugong expanded the technology R & D team and in 2015 entered the final stage of R & D. The new product is scheduled to be in production by 2017.

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